WHY SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS? Opting for digital products allows you to benefit from nearly 100% gross profit margins. Once purchased, you can duplicate the product without incurring any additional costs.

WHAT ARE MRR & PLR? PLR (Private Label Rights) and MRR (Master Resell Rights) are licensing options for digital products. PLR permits you to customize, rebrand, and sell the product as your own, while MRR grants you the right to resell the product as-is and, in some cases, transfer the reselling rights. These licenses offer entrepreneurs a flexible way to distribute digital content without starting from scratch.

HOW TO ACCESS THE PRODUCTS? After processing your payment, you will immediately receive access to download your product from the thank you page. Additionally, a download link will be sent to your email for added convenience.

WHY CHOOSE SOCIALLYNEA? Our products are created by digital marketing and e-commerce experts, ensuring top-quality, relevant content that connects with your audience. Our ready-to-use digital products eliminate the need for time-intensive product creation, allowing you to concentrate on business growth and marketing strategies. With our PLR and MRR licenses, you have the freedom to customize and market products under your brand, opening up opportunities for branding and profit growth. By investing in Sociallynea's digital products, you're not just making a purchase; you're investing in a resource that can drive your business forward, blending quality, convenience, and growth potential.


Sociallynea stand behind the quality and value of its digital products. Due to the nature of digital goods, we do not offer refunds once a product has been downloaded or accessed. We encourage you to review the product descriptions and previews carefully before making a purchase.

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