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Simpy Passive || Digital Marketing Mastery Course with MRR

Simpy Passive || Digital Marketing Mastery Course with MRR

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A beginner friendly course that teaches you how to sell digital products to earn extra money online.

Plus, you get Master Resell Rights which allow you to sell this exact same course as your own digital product. Simply setup your own Stan Store account and resell this same course and keep every sale you make!!!

Sell 1 course a day = $144,905 for the year

Sell 3 courses a day = $434,715 for the year

Sell 5 courses day = $724,525 for the year

With Simply Passive, there are no reasons not to make money online! 💰


Upon buying Simply Passive, you immediately gain access to the course. Begin selling within 10 minutes by setting up your store with the Quick Start module. Join our community of 15,000 members. Enjoy lifelong access to the course and all upcoming updates. Acquire the knowledge and tactics to market digital products (utilize this course to develop your digital product or resell it as your own).


  • WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? This course is ideal for individuals looking to generate additional income online through digital marketing. It is beginner-friendly and suitable for those starting from scratch or with no existing followers. No prior experience or followers are required.


  • WILL I LEARN TO CREATE MY OWN DIGITAL PRODUCTS? Absolutely! The course includes a comprehensive Canva tutorial and training videos to guide you in identifying the digital product that is most suitable for you to create and sell.


  • WILL I LEARN CONTENT CREATION? Yes, Simply Passive covers content creation and includes a dedicated module on FACELESS marketing. The course will assist you in recognizing your target audience and converting leads into sales.


  • ARE THERE ANY HIDDEN FEES? No, there are no additional costs. There are no upsells or monthly fees. Your one-time purchase grants you complete access to the course, our community, lifetime access, and all future updates. You receive direct payment from your customers; we do not take any commission on your resale.


  • DO I NEED TO RESELL THIS COURSE? No, purchasing this course serves different purposes. Some individuals buy it to learn how to create and sell digital products, while others buy it to resell.



The Simply Passive Course includes EVERYTHING you need to start a thriving business WITH 0 EXPERIENCE.


  • 45+ video lessons, templates, and checklists

  • Self-paced course with lifetime access

  • QUICK START module that allows you to set up your store and resell this course within 5-10 minutes!

  • How to build a solid foundation & make passive income with digital marketing

  • Faceless digital marketing strategies

  • How to choose your niche (WHO to target and HOW to sell to them)

  • Creating a professional brand

  • Step by Step Canva module that teaches you how to create your OWN digital product [including templates]

  • All the tech/setup to list your own digital product in a simple way

  • Story telling through email marketing [includes email templates]

  • Captions, hashtags & hooks that sell your products

  • Selling in Instagram Stories

  • How to sell in DMs

  • Deep dive into content creation strategies

  • Deep dive into social media strategies

  • Creating & setting up your StanStore

  • Lead magnets/freebies (with templates) to grow your email list and grow an audience

  • Automation tools — so you can make passive income in your sleep!

  • Lifetime access + ALL future course updates

  • EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community where you have access to support, expert coaches, live coaching calls, and more!

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