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Level up your brand with email, sms & social media marketing to boost sales

Marketing Playbook

Marketing Playbook

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Are you tired of watching other small businesses flourish while your sales remain standstill ? Do you have no idea how to grow on Instagram or build your brand?

Don’t worry! This beginner friendly guide will teach you ALL you need to know about marketing your business and how to navigate social media with confidence – from optimizing your bio to creating captivating content.

Packed with loads of examples and tips, this guide is your key to immediate business growth.

This detailed guide teaches you:

  • What is Marketing, physical products etc.

  • How to Market Your Brand

  • How to launch Your Products like a Pro + have Restocks etc.

  • How to optimize Your IG bio for Growth

  • How to build your brand (Brand Name,Logo, Packaging etc)

  • Pricing Strategy (My secret sauce to Pricing correctly)

  • How to Find Your Target Audience

  • What is Content Marketing (4 social media content pillars)

  • How to Create Engaging Videos

  • How to know if Your Content Is Good + Weekly Content Planner

  • Learn what is Social Media Marketing

  • Content You should post to SCALE to $10k

  • What to do if Your IG feels DEAD

  • How to Grow on IG (Reels- hooks, call to actions, captions)

  • BONUS 30 Day content prompts

  • Learn what is Email Marketing & how to get subscribers



    Don't miss out – GRAB your guide now and take the first step towards skyrocketing YOUR success! 💎


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